How To Manage A Scorpion Infestation In Arizona?

Scorpion Infestation

Scorpions are considered to be one of the most weather-resistant species existing on Earth. They can survive in extremely harsh environmental conditions. They are generally extremely resilient to weather and are commonly found in dry, arid, and isolated regions. 

With the ability to survive in extreme heat and wintery conditions, scorpions are quite commonly seen in the southern states, including Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. According to reports by DesertUSA, Arizona has one of the highest concentrations of scorpions in the United States.

As a matter of fact, if you are a homeowner in Arizona, you may see them daily, and sometimes, you may even face a scorpion infestation. In this blog, you will read everything you need to know about a scorpion infestation and how you can manage one seamlessly. 

When Can A Scorpion Infestation Occur?

Scorpions are common all over the state of Arizona, with a few species, like the Arizona hairy scorpion, being specifically seen only in the state. Property owners in Arizona may face scorpion infestation and also predict the same signs, observing the following causes of such an infestation. 

  • Empty homes or poor home maintenance 
  • Improper maintenance of property landscape 
  • Other pest infestations
  • Spider webs
  • External property features include golf courses, alleys, washes, etc. 

In Arizona, scorpion infestations are most common in the Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Gilbert regions. Scorpions are poisonous, and they need to be removed from your property for safety and hygiene. In the next part of this blog, we have discussed how you can manage a scorpion infestation at your Arizona property. 

Managing A Scorpion Infestation In Arizona: Steps To Take

While scorpions are common in Arizona, getting rid of them and managing a scorpion infestation is not very difficult if you have the right knowledge. Scorpions generally do not nest and are survival creatures that can sometimes dwell together in the same space if there are favorable conditions. Here’s the hat to do about a scorpion infestation. 

Using boric acid

Boric acid is something that eventually kills a spider. Sprinkling boric acid in the parts of the property where the scorpions may be dwelling is an effective way to kill them. This can be the corner of the house, below debris, outside on the lawn, or around the plants. Borax powder is also not toxic to humans, so there are no dangers in using it. 

Hiring pest control services

The most effective and efficient solution is hiring professionals to eliminate the scorpions. They are specialists at the job and based on the extent of the infestation. They can ascertain the right measures to take to eradicate and manage the scorpion infestation issue. 

Avoid cluttering

A cluttered house offers a lot of hiding spaces for scorpions. This is why you need to keep your property uncluttered and well-organized throughout. 

Get rid of scorpion food

The primary food for scorpions are locusts, spiders, and crickets. Make sure that such pests are not present on your property to prevent attracting scorpions to your property. 

Final Words

These tips will help you to manage and prevent scorpion infestations and will help you maintain a scorpion-free property in Arizona. So follow these tips whenever you are managing a scorpion infestation in Arizona.

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