I would like to take a moment and share the story of Darren, whose family received help from one of our Los Angeles termite control technicians.

Darren has been a resident of Los Angeles since he was a child. As anyone who lives in Los Angeles knows, real estate here is not cheap. Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities to live in across the United States. Darren’s parents were not natives of the state of California, instead, they moved here from the State of Oklahoma. Darren’s parents were very careful with saving up enough money to finally move to the west coast and after many years, they were finally able to put a down payment on a home in Los Angeles, CA. However, despite being in the Sunny State, it was far from sunshine and rainbows for Darren and his family. Soon after moving in, the family noticed signs of structural damage on their wood. Darren’s father suspected that his new home may have been infested with pests, most likely termites.

Darren’s father purchased over-the-counter treatments to try to exterminate the unwanted guests, but the activity persisted. Darren’s family was in quite a predicament because they spent a lot of money on their home and had very little savings left for costly professional treatments. Darren’s father asked his neighbours and co-workers for recommendations for inexpensive but effective pest control companies. Remember, this was before the days of Internet searches and Google reviews, so people were wary about the companies they hired. During his search, he found that one company name was recommended more than any other – INC Pest Control. Darren’s father gave us a call and we came down and addressed the problem quickly, professionally and at an affordable price!

When Darren told us his story, we felt that we just had to share it with our clients. Darren’s family is just one of many customers that we’re able to help. INC Pest Control is a top rated termite and and pest control company in Los Angeles, CA, and we’d be more than happy to help you as well!

Termite infestations are a common problem people face in the United States. There are three major types of termites found in the country, which are subterranean, drywood and dampwood. These three types of termites are catch-all terms consisting of over 2000 different species of termites. The exact species of termite depends on the geographical region in which the infestation occurs. It is important to note that not all species of termites will respond to specific treatments in the same way. As a result, it is important that the most effective type of treatment is chosen for the specific species that is causing problems in your home. This can be a bit daunting to anyone, since there are so many treatment methods and even more species of termites. Luckily, our termite control professionals in Los Angeles are highly trained in the most effective treatments for numerous different species of termites in the region.

INC Pest Control has a long history of serving customers in the region. We have built a trusting and mutually beneficial relationship with our clients over the years. Our Los Angeles pest control technicians have provided exceptional service to thousands of satisfied customers and removed termite infestations from their homes. We wanted to share some of the great reviews that the community has given us over the years. To our past clients reading this, we just wanted to say thank you and we are so glad that we could help!

“I’ve lived in California for years and I’ve never had a problem with termites. You hear about it happening to people all the time but you always think, ‘they must have taken bad care of their home, that could never happen to me”. But then, one day BOOM, it does. You could be the cleanest person ever but termites don’t pick and choose. When it happened to me I had no idea what to do because for me it was literally the worst news ever. I have always been such a clean freak, and for bugs to be living INSIDE my home!? Yuck! I gave INC Pest Control a call and they took of the problem so fast. Within a day or two I didn’t see any activity and there hasn’t been any problems since. Thank you INC Pest Control!”

− Jenny Lee,
Los Angeles Resident, 15 Years

“When I found out I had termites, I called around to a bunch of different pest control companies asking them for quotes. There were some promising ones and others that were completely awful. Several of the companies wanted to charge me for the inspection to get a quote. Ridiculous right? One of the more promising companies I reached out to was INC Pest Control. They guaranteed me a free inspection and quote so that I would know what I was dealing with. When they came to do my home inspection, I found them to be nothing but professional. They were able to explain my pest problem in detail. I really appreciated this since I don’t know much about pests. They took care of my problem in no time flat. I would highly recommend INC Pest Control!”

− William Declaire
Los Angeles Resident, 29 Years

“I am a dog breeder in Los Angeles, because of that, I have worked with a lot of pest control companies. Pests are very common in these wide open areas and I need to be cautious about the safety of my dogs. Whenever I call in pest control, I make sure that they will fulfill all my needs safely and effectively! I am so happy to say that INC Pest Control is hands down the best pest control company I’ve had the pleasure of working with! When I got termites, I was really worried about how that would affect my family and my dogs. I was worried that toxic fumigation would be needed and that might hurt my dogs. Luckily, the professionals at INC Pest Control took care of my problem quickly and in a safe manner. I will definitely contact them again for all my pest control needs!”

− Elena Hunt
Lost Angeles Resident, 42 Years

INC Pest Control is the leading provider of termite control solutions in Los Angeles. Contact us today for your free inspection and quote! We guarantee that we will take care of your termite problem quickly and efficiently. Oh, and welcome to the INC Pest Control family, where we serve thousands of satisfied customers!