INC Pest Control is the leading provider for pest control exterminators in Los Angeles, CA. Our top quality service is made possible by the extensive training our technicians undergo.

We understand that pest problems will be different no matter where you go and every city will require a personal touch. At INC Pest Control, we pride ourselves on hiring locally because who knows pest control in Los Angeles like a Los Angeles native! Most of our Los Angeles exterminators are residents of the city with years of experience in pest solutions. As fellow natives, we know the importance of taking care of our homes and protecting them from pests. Whether you live in a house or apartment, there is always a risk for pest infestations. Even the most careful individuals can fall victim, so when you can’t get away from the pests, we are here to help!

INC Pest Control services will send exterminators to take care of any pest problems you have quickly and efficiently. We are proud to hold the title as the #1 most trusted pest control company in the state of California! We personally guarantee the satisfaction of each and every single one of our clients. We ensure that every property we are called to will be pest free after our treatment plan.

Instead of just treating the visible infestations, our technicians find the root cause of your problem and remove it completely! Unlike other companies who hope to profit off repeat infestations, we take care of the problem entirely with minimum treatment sessions!

We understand the frustration of a pest problem and we ensure the very best of service during your time of need.

There are a huge variety of pests in the Los Angeles region that could put you at risk. Many of our clients report having cockroach, ant, bed bug, mice, rat or mosquito infestations in their homes. This ordeal is terrifying for anybody, since your home is supposed to be one of the most peaceful and relaxing places in your life.

The pest problem is easy to address if it is stopped early, but once a full blown infestation occurs, it becomes problematic.

Another common issue that we are called in for are skunk infestations. These happen when skunks make their dens in the hollow spaces under your home. These pests will often spray anyone who tries to remove them, so professional methods are advised. If you contact our expert exterminators based in Los Angeles, we will provide you with a thorough inspection and recommendations to keep your home pest free!

We once had a client that had a skunk infestation under the hollow spaces below his front door. The skunk had dug into it because the surrounding edges were made of dirt. Once the resident was aware of the infestation, he boarded up the entrance of the den with wooden boards. Upon waking up in the morning, he found that the skunk had dug under these boards to get back into the den. It turned out that the skunk’s children were in the den and she was desperate to get back to them. The resident called us to come take a look at it afterwards but the damage had already been done. The foundation of his home was compromised and costly repairs were needed. If our client had called us before hand, we could have recommended a safer and more humane way of removing the skunk and her children from their den. Rodent infestations can be very difficult to deal with, and as you can see from the account above, a professional opinion can go a long way.

Many people think that going to their local home-care store and buying a few pesticide products is enough to take care of pests. However, did you know that many pesticides can have deadly side affects on your pets? There have been several cases of pesticides causing cancer or respiratory failure in animals. We understand that pets are family and so we only use the very best and family friendly products in our pest control solutions. All our exterminators are highly trained in safely administering these products. In the unlikely scenario where there is a potential hazard, our exterminators will provide you with a comprehensive list of recommendations to safeguard against any risk. The products that our exterminators use are the exact same ones that we would use in our homes, so we can assure you of their quality.

There is a popular saying that goes “home is where the heart is”. We understand that each and every homeowner values their property greatly. Aside from the huge financial investment we put into our homes, we also see them as a place we can call our very own. There is nothing worse than uninvited guests making their home in yours. INC Pest Control offers No-Pest inspections for new and old homes alike. Our No-Pest inspections are carried out before any pest infestation occurs. These inspections will suggest various pre-treatments that can be implemented in your homestead in order to prevent any pest infestation from occurring. Taking preemptive measures is far more cost efficient than dealing with the infestations as they happen. As such, our pre-treatments provide long-term solutions for a fraction of the cost!

INC Pest Control means good news for your home and bad news for pests! Our exterminators are unrivaled in their expertise and performance. They will ensure your safety and security while ridding your home of any pest problems that you may face. INC Pest Control takes your time very seriously. No more waiting around for pest control exterminators to show up, we will be there on the dot. You won’t have to live with a pest problem one second longer than necessary!

We pride ourselves on providing the most effective treatments with the least amount of visits as possible. So, if you are looking for the best exterminators in Los Angeles CA, please do not hesitate to contact us. We personally guarantee that our exterminators will meet your every need!