INC Pest Control provides Corpus Christi with exterminators of the highest caliber. Our technicians receive unparalleled training in the industry and are experts at what they do. Our dedicated team of professionals have dealt with tens of thousands of cases and are able to address your every need. Over the years of providing pest control in Corpus Christi, we have encountered every case imaginable! Whether you live in an apartment or a house, the chances of pest infestation is always a risk. Insects and rodents can occupy your home without even a moments notice. If not treated promptly and efficiently, they may multiply and create chaos. Pests are more than just an eyesore, they are also the leading cause of disease transmissions. It is imperative that you address a pest problem as quickly as possible!

INC Pest control suggests that you maintain regular up-keeping of your property in order to deter pests from taking up base in your home. However, this is not always a surefire method, as even the most dedicated individuals can fall victim to pest infestations. Even the newest home can fall victim to pests; sometimes they are even more at risk because certain pests breed in the fresh soil around and under your home. If not treated quickly, pests can cause a lot of damage to the structure of your home and make the newest home look worn out and old. Renovations will be ineffective if the problem is not addressed because the pests will end up damaging the new repairs. Our experts have compiled a list of common ways that pests make their way into your home and ways to limit their risk. Remember, these tips are not meant to replace a professional opinion and a pest inspection by a Corpus Christi exterminator is always recommended.

– Bugs can attach to your clothing with ease and are often carried by people from one place to another. Thus, you should be aware of who you let into your home. If you know a family member or friend has an ongoing pest problem, you should be cautious about letting them into your home, as they may spread the pests to your property.

– Pests are often very hard to kill and can stick around on clothing and furniture for some time if not treated properly. You should avoid purchasing any used clothing or furniture if you wish to minimize the risk of pest transmissions. If you decide to buy anything second-hand, we advise you to wash them thoroughly before bringing them into your property.

– Make sure to seal off cracks in your property. Insects and bugs can squeeze into even the tiniest cracks. You need to seal them off before it becomes too late.

– If you ever go on a vacation or business trip, make sure to research your hotel thoroughly. Poorly kept hotels and motels are one of the major contributors of spreading bedbugs. You should always read customer reviews on the hotel or motel to see if bedbugs were ever a problem at that location. Additionally, upon returning home, you should always wash your clothes carefully and properly before returning them to you storage space.

When all else fails, our professional exterminators at our Corpus Christi branch will be ready to provide you with the best solutions possible. We will determine the root cause your problem so that you are aware of where the pests are coming from. This way, it will be easier to take preventative measures to safeguard against potential infestations in the future. INC Pest Control boasts an extremely high success rate in pest removal and customer satisfaction. In the extremely rare occurrences where our first treatment plan is not enough to resolve your problem, we offer a follow-up treatment completely free of charge! We understand that everybody is on a budget and we want to be as accommodating as possible. At INC Pest Control, we always put the customer first!

Due to the warmer weather of Corpus Christi, pests are a persistent problem year round. Additionally, each season comes with its own pests and a whole set of unique problems. Many on the market sprays adopt a one shoe fits all motto. How many times have you heard the term bug spray or insect repellent? Well what kind of insect are they referring to? There are literally hundreds of thousands of different kinds of insects! Additionally, did you know that due to the common use of commercially available pest control products, many pests are developing a resistance to them? This means that these pests will be much harder to completely remove. As anyone who has had a pest problem will know, if even one pest is left alive, there is a huge risk of re-infestation. What you need is professional help by qualified pest control company. At INC Pest Control, our exterminators use high-tech equipment and professional grade products that pests are not resistant to. Additionally, the chemicals that we use are eco-friendly and are safe for use around your family or pets! Our products also create a lasting barrier around your property that will keep pests out for months after the treatment. We get better results than our competitors in fewer visits!

Our exterminators are highly trained in the region of Corpus Christi and will choose the best methods for the climate. Some treatment methods are actually sensitive to heat and work better in colder climates. We take regional data into account when we suggest any treatment option. Our experts are highly trained in administering our products and will relieve your home of pests at the very source! Our team has been trained on identifying the visual clues of egg batches, pest nests, and any other risk factor. Our exterminators will also offer you an exhaustive list of treatment options after the initial inspection. These options are priced differently depending on the equipment and products necessary. This means that you can choose the best solution that fits your budget and schedule! All our treatment plans are reasonably priced and highly effective. So if you’re looking for the best exterminators available in Corpus Christi, then INC Pest Control is the answer!