Inc Pest Control of Corpus ChristiINC Pest Control is the leading provider of Pest Control services in Corpus Christi. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our ability to solve all your pest control needs! Our team of professional technicians are highly trained in the most effective techniques in the industry. We understand that a pest infestation can happen suddenly, regardless of time or place. Thus, it is very important for you to take care of your home. However, pest infestations can happen to the most prepared people if the right treatments are not put in place. It is essential to make sure that the type of treatment you have chosen is right for the particular species of pest you are trying to deal with. What might work against subterranean termite may be completely ineffective against a drywood termite. Luckily, our technicians are trained in thousands of methods to ensure our clients get the very best of Corpus Christi based pest control services.

Perhaps the most important reason to employ professional exterminators for your pest control needs is because of the various diseases pests can carry. Pests are the leading transmitter of a whole variety of lethal diseases worldwide. In fact, did you know that rats and mice transmit a disease called Hantavirus? Furthermore, did you know that since 1993, 36% of all documented Hantavirus cases have resulted in the deaths of the infected? These numbers are absolutely tragic and it is why we will not settle for providing anything less than the best treatment. INC Pest Control is a family-orientated company and we want to provide the safest solutions available for you and your family, just like we would for ours.

We’ve all splurged on some items to make our homes look nicer. Whether its purchasing new furniture, painting the walls or building a deck, people like to maintain the exterior needs of their properties. Likewise, it is absolutely essential that proper care of interior needs is practiced as well. If the source of your damaged walls is due to an interior problem rather than an exterior one, than spending money on renovations and paints can be costly and unnecessary. Instead, conducting annual pest inspections is the best choice for preventing pest infestations in any home. If you employ INC Pest Control for your annual inspection, our technicians will come to your home and conduct a complete and thorough inspection. This inspection will take into account all of the different factors around your property that could lead to a pest infestation. Our technicians are trained to conduct this inspection as quickly as possible while maintaining the accuracy of the inspection. We like to be thorough in order to protect your home!

Even new homes will benefit from our annual inspections. At the end of our inspections, our technicians will calculate the risk that your home might be facing and suggest several preemptive measures to prevent pest infestations from ever occurring. Upon return visits, our technicians will evaluate the condition of these safeguards and determine whether any follow-up actions are necessary. Even the best preventative measures have a shelf-life so it is important to be thorough with their up-keeping. At INC Pest Control, we use the best products available to us, and with regular treatments, we have never had a case where our preventative measures did not work. We are proud to be the leading provider of pest control in Corpus Christi ,TX.

This claim is not made by us, but rather by our thousands of satisfied customers. These customers have been hugely satisfied by our pest control team in Corpus Christi. We are the leading provider of pest control in Corpus Christi because we take our training one step further than our competitors. We realize that every region is different and what may work in one region may not work in another. As a result, all our technicians are trained in the specific region they work. Our Corpus Christi (CC) Pest Control technicians are trained on the most effective methods specific to Corpus Christi. The average annual temperature in the area is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. It is definitely one of the warmer cities in the United States. Due to this, pest infestations are plentiful and occur around the year. Treatments, for example, that are effective in colder climates may lose their effectiveness in Corpus Christi. For maximum results, it is important to hire a pest control company that understands this difference and takes it into account.

In addition, INC Pest Control services are different because we select our products with the most care. The chemicals we use in your homes are the same ones we would use in ours. These chemicals are not the average ones you would find at your local home-care store, instead, they are designed specifically for professional use. Our technicians are fully trained in the safe administration of these products. These chemicals are effective in removing any pest from your home as well as creating a lasting effect. Our products create a pest barrier in your home that will prevent re-infestation as well as removing any pest residue in your home.

Pest residue is a problem that is often overlooked by homeowners and pest control companies alike. However, they are a leading cause of transmitting disease. Rat droppings can cause a variety of diseases, from the Hantavirus to Leptospirosis. Our products will neutralize the toxic particles that pest residue leaves behind and keep you and your family safe from disease! We always recommend that regular pest control be done on any property to find and safely remove any pests or pest droppings. Our pest control services are very affordable while guaranteeing the best service available on the market. Give us a call today for your free quote and we will take care of any pest problem that you might have. If our technicians do not resolve your problem in the span of one treatment, than we will offer follow-up treatments until your pest problem is taken care of. As the leading Pest Control Company in Corpus Christi, TX, your satisfaction is our 100% guarantee!

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