INC Pest Control is the perfect choice for termite control in Cincinnati, OH, as well as all over the United States and beyond.

Termites are well-known as some of the most destructive pests and will wreak havoc on your home or business. These pests, also known as white ants, are responsible for causing excessive damage to the structure of any building. Once the infestation starts, it will very quickly get out of had if they are not properly treated by a skilled termite inspection professional. Termites feed on wood and other structural materials 24 hours a day. As a result, a termite infestation could quickly turn into a critical issue. If the termite infestation is not treated properly, this could result in a huge investment of money allocated to dealing with the problem. Thus, it is very important that you contact a reputable company that deals with termite inspection in Cincinnati or wherever you’re based. INC Pest Control offers the best bang for your buck. We guarantee that your property will be pest free quickly and in the least amount of visits as possible!

Some Common Signs of the Presence of Termites

The first sign to look out for if you suspect a termite infestation are the presence of swarmers. Swarmers are small flying insects that are part of the termite family. You may notice swarmers flying close to your windows and leaving behind discarded wings. This type of infestation happens most commonly during the spring time. However, termites can stay active any time during the year. These swarmers look almost visually identical to flying ants, and as a result, proper identification is tough. To make matters worse, termites are difficult to spot so you may not even be aware of their presence. They survive and thrive in hidden places, such as in hollow walls and doors.

Another strong indication of termites are the signs of destruction they leave on properties. It is often easier to look for these damage signs rather than the termites themselves.

Here are some of the common things to look for when inspecting your property.

– Termites can easily damage laminate flooring and wooden floor boards. These damaged floors might sag or blister in many areas. If you check under these floors, it might help you in uncovering the termite activity.

– Termites feed on the cellulose present in timber. Timber is often used as the material for the frame inside property walls walls. Thus, visible cracks in walls can be a sign of termite infestation.

– The beams, ceilings, and rafters in attics are also at risk for termite damage. Termites are surprisingly mobile. You should look for cracks on ceilings and other high spaces.

– Termite infested doors and windows might be hard to open as a result of the damage. These pests will tunnel and eat at door and window frames, which will make the frame irregular and less operable.

– Damp or broken roof tiles could attract the termites. These roof tiles are a good source of moisture and termites are attracted by it. Additionally, damaged roof tiles will allow termites to access your property with ease. Once these pests are inside, they are able to maneuver easily throughout the property and will eat away at the wood components in virtually every location.

– Termites typically feed on wood beneath the surface. They feed through the wood and create hollow spaces beneath the surface, which makes the original surface sound hollow when it is knocked on or tapped. Furniture, wooden doors as well as other wooden structures in your house are at risk. You should check them frequently if you suspect an infestation.

Solutions to Termite Control

If you want the best termite control technicians, and are looking for a company that’s been dealing with pest control in Cincinnati for years, then INC Pest Control is your top choice. With long term experience in the field, we possess a vast wealth of knowledge about these pests. Additionally, our expert team of technicians are all very experienced dealing with termite infestations. They are trained individuals who are well-versed in the most effective termite protection and control technologies. We offer the most efficient termite control solutions depending on the specific termite identified during our inspection. For example, if a termite infestation is of the subterranean type, we employ one of two key treatment methods:

– Termite baiting and monitoring: This includes placing bait traps strategically in the soil around a structure, as well as within the structure where the termite infestation is occurring.

– Conventional termite service- In this service, we inject a liquid termite repellent into the soil which creates a protective barrier around your house.

Termite Inspections

It is essential to have termite inspections done periodically in order to identify their presence early on. This will prevent the infestation from spiraling out of hand, which could result in huge damages to the property and costly repairs. Our inspectors will even assess the condition of your property and make suggestions on how you can make your business or home less susceptible to termite attacks. Many homes in the United States are at risk of termite invasions.

If you want to protect your house or property against termites in the most effective way possible, then you should consider INC Pest Control’s periodical termite inspection. It will detect termite activity and prevent long term destruction to your house or property.

Our termite control experts have huge amounts of experience in this field. They will provide you with a comprehensive report after completing each termite inspection. Our inspection takes into account the specific factors which could lead to an infestation, such as wood types, the current season and weather. If you want to set your mind at peace, knowing your property is protected from termites – give us a call. Our team provides long term assurance against the risk of termite infestations. Here are few more tips from our experts to help you prevent termites from invading your property:

– It is better to remove debris, stored wood as well as cellulose materials from your property. The presence of these items offers a good food source for subterranean termites.

– Leaking taps and pipes should be repaired, as it will minimize the level of moisture on your property. Again, moisture attracts termites!

– You should ensure that the vents to basement spaces are not blocked. If there is poor ventilation in the lower levels of your property, then high moisture and high humidity spaces will result.

– It is better not to use untreated wood for walls or garden beds, as they will attract termites to your property.

– Dead trees and stumps are perfect breeding grounds for termites. Thus, they should be removed or treated to reduce the risk of an infestation on your property.