Do you have a case of bed bugs in your house that needs to be addressed? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore! INC Pest Control is here to offer you the bed bug treatment in Cincinnati or any other of our many locations.

There are many companies offering pest control services, but none of them as thorough as Us. We are one of the most knowledgeable companies offering bed bug heat treatment in Cincinnati and all over the United States and the World. We offer 100% guarantee on our bed bug extermination services. Our dedication to our craft means great results for you and your home. We will efficiently eliminate these pesky bed bugs from your furniture and linens. No more restless nights worrying about those unwanted guests. INC Pest Control takes pride in our work and so do each and every one of our technicians. We are proud to say that we boast a 100% success rate in getting rid of bed bugs for thousands of our clients.

One problem with standard bed bug treatments is that they don’t always get rid of the eggs. Our bed bug heat treatment is tailor made to put an end to both the bugs as well as their eggs! In addition, our heat treatment leaves a protective residual in your home and on your furniture. This protective barrier will prevent re-infestations by bed bugs in future. INC Pest Control prides itself on our exemplary service. Before any treatment plan is put into place, our team will do a thorough inspection of the premise and discuss possible solutions with you. We provide treatment for infestations of any level of severity. We are proud to say that we offer the best bed bug extermination in Cincinnati, OH as well as in many other locations.

Benefits of hiring INC Pest Control

If you are one of the many individuals in who is looking for the best bed bug exterminator in Cincinnati, then you probably have already thought about getting rid of bed bugs. We understand the struggle. Bed bugs are small pests, which are exceptionally difficult to get rid of. To make matters worse, they take up residence in your bed. Obviously the person who came up with the phrase “there’s nothing like the comfort of your own bed” never had bed bugs! Numerous people are unable to sustain any comfort in their own beds because of these irritating pests.

Some people tend to think that because these bugs are so small, it should be easy to get rid of them in theory. As a result, many people attempt to take care of the problem on their own. However, contrary to their belief, this will often aggravate the situation. The truth is that self-treatment is always very risky because the people carrying them out are often inexperienced. It is always better to hire a professional bed bugs extermination company, which specializes in eliminating these bed bugs. Professionals have studied these pests in depth and have the knowledge and skills to get things done the right way. INC Pest Control is always available and ready to meet your needs. Our professional team have years of experience and are well-versed in the modern techniques of eliminating bed bugs. Here are some of the benefits that you would get by hiring the best bed bug extermination service in Cincinnati, OH:

– The first benefit to hiring INC pest control is that you will save a lot of time and money. We are well-equipped with pesticides that are not available in public markets. These pesticides can easily wipe out huge infestations within a day. Besides chemical sprays, we make use of various mechanical techniques such as baits, traps along with fogging equipment, dust applicators, fumigators as well as other state-of art equipment which is accessible only from certified companies.

– We make use of heat treatment that will decolonize the bed bugs from the bed and other spaces of the home.

– Most significantly, our pest control company has the most skilled and experienced technicians. Each one of them are trained to easily detect bed bugs that are hiding in hard to spot places, such as the back of ceilings and walls. In addition, our technicians put your safety first and foremost. As a result, they are thoroughly trained on handling hazardous material to prevent any risk to our clients. It is important to remember that pesticides and chemical sprays can be dangerous to ones health, so we highly advise against self-application.

– Our technicians will solve your bed bug problem quickly and in the least amount of trips as possible. You will finally be able to sleep peacefully and worry free. During our inspection, we will even assess the possibility of other pests inside your home. We guarantee quality work and won’t rest until your entire home is pest free!

– Pests like bed bugs chew and nibble on the wooden framework of your home. This will weaken the structural integrity of your property. Only a professional pest control service provider can prevent the situation from getting any worse. We will deal with the problem quickly, capably and safely.

– Our experts can offer you advice for preventing bed bug invasions in future. They will let you know the nature of their habits, spaces they tend to hide in, their behaviors, different ways they get inside the home, and many other facts. Our goal is to equip you with all the information necessary to keep those pests at bay!

Our Services

Our bed bug control services are in high demand in the region of Cincinnati. This is because we are effective and efficient. Below are some of the services we conduct daily:

– Conducting numerous home inspections every day

– Inspecting for bed bugs in 50 to 60 hotel rooms each day

– Inspecting for bed bugs in 40 to 50 apartments and dormitories each day

– Our technicians work with the least amount of disruption to the property

– Detection of bed bug activity in out of sight places – such as behind furniture, ceilings, floorboards.

After every inspection, we will offer documentation of our findings to you so that you can be sure of the results. The techniques we implement are environmentally friendly and pose the least possible risk to public health. You can rest easy knowing that there is virtually no risk to your guests and tenants!