pest control in CincinnatiThe long winter has finally come to an end and the snow has finally melted. The sound of birds chirping and the sight have flowers blooming signals the arrival of Spring. It’s a lovely time of year, but there is one problem – the pests are back.

Ants start to ruin picnics and people start waking up to mosquito bites that were definitely not there before. Still, these issues are to be expected and are viewed as only a small problem. However, what about when this minor problem becomes a major one? What if, on top of these pests harassing you outdoors, they decide to invite themselves to your home? Instead of accepting the fact that you now have pests for a room-mate, give us a call.

Case Study: Cincinnati Pest Control

There once was a man named Ronald who lived in Cincinnati. Ronald was your average American. He worked a standard nine to five job to support his wife and his two children and loved family time. After years and years of saving bits of his earnings here and there, he was finally able to mortgage his first home. It was a quaint little place in the suburbs, perfect for raising a family.

An inspiring tale to be sure: a honest man who put in the time and effort to finally become a homeowner. It should have been a happily ever after for Ronald and his family, but there was a catch that no one told Ronald about – his new house was in need of bed bugs treatment.

Ronald tried every DIY method he could find online to deal with the infestation but nothing he did seemed to work. Finally, Ronald decided that it was time to seek professional help and contact a Cincinnati based pest control company to find an exterminator locally. At this point you’re probably thinking “finally, a happy ending for Ronald!” right? Unfortunately, this was not the case. Sure, there are many pest control “professionals” you could call to take a look at your pest problem, but the quality of work won’t always be the same. Ronald’s problem was fixed temporarily, but the problem with pests is that they are pesky; leave a few stragglers behind and they’ll come back in full force. After the second time this happened, Ronald contacted INC Pest Control. He was kind enough to allow us to share a transcript of his call.


IPC Operator: Thank you for calling Inc Pest Control. How may I assist you today?

Ronald: Hi, my name is Ronald. I need assistance for an infestation in my home.

IPC Operator: Not a problem sir. Can you elaborate on the issue?

Ronald: Yeah, I’ve had a bed bug infestation in my house for maybe, 3 months now. I’ve tried googling methods on how to deal with the problem but nothing’s worked. Can you give me any advice?

IPC Operator: Sir we would be glad to assist you. I can transfer you over to our Client Service team to arrange for one of our technicians to come take a professional look at your problem.

Ronald: No, no, no, hold on. I swear I’ve called everyone and I’m still having this problem. I need you to guarantee results before I commit any more money to this issue. This is ridiculous.

IPC Operator: Sir, I am very sorry to hear about the problems you’ve been having in regards to this. Although I can’t speak on behalf of those other companies, I can guarantee you that our pest control technicians are the best out there and have received unparalleled training on the very best techniques in the industry. If you would like, I can transfer you through now to our Client Service team and I’m sure they will be able to address your concerns.

Ronald: Okay yeah. Go ahead and do that for me.

IPC Operator: Not a problem sir. I will transfer you through now. I’m going to put you on a very brief hold.

Ronald: Okay, thanks.

IPC Operator: You’re very welcome. Have a great day!


At this point you’re probably wondering if Ronald ever had this problem resolved. Well we are absolutely delighted to share that our technicians were able to remedy the situation and prevent any re-infestation from reoccuring! Ronald finally got his happy ending and has joined the ranks as one of our thousands of satisfied customers.

Whether, like Roland, you’re struggling with bed bugs, need termite treatment, help getting rid of ants, roaches or any other type of pests, we can help you.

What Sets Us Apart

Inc Pest Control ensures its customers receive the absolute best pest control services in Cincinnati OH, or in any other of our numerous locations. Our technicians are trained in depth on the most effective and efficient procedures in the industry. However, at INC Pest Control, we take this training one step further. All our technicians receive specialized training in the specific geographical landscapes of the region. This means that on top of being proficient in the best methods, our technicians are also bonafide experts in the regions they work. It is important to understand that the pest problems in one city may not be the same in another. Likewise, certain techniques that work in one environment may not always be effective in another. Thus, we believe a personal touch is required for effective pest control. If you contact us for your pest control needs, we will set you up with a technician that is experienced in dealing with the specific circumstances you may be facing.

At INC Pest Control, we strive to produce effective and lasting results in fewer visits. If you’re tired of the tedious and expensive month to month inspections, then Inc Pest Control is perfect for you, regardless if you’re looking for pest control in Cincinnati, Ohio or any other location. Our technicians are constantly being trained on new procedures in the industry to add to their already large repertoire of skills. It is important to us that we stay up to date with the new pesticides and techniques being used in the industry. This dedication to our field translates into the most efficient pest control services in Cincinnati, OH and in all our locations.

No longer will you have to pay for outdated and ineffective methods. We guarantee better results quicker and in fewer visits.

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