In 1989, Sebastian Wright created INC Pest Control with the strong belief that he could provide better, more professional service than the companies on the market at the time. As a young man, Sebastian entered the pest control industry as a technician in Iowa. During his first few years on the job, he saw that there was a great potential to create a more customer-centered company with safer products and faster solutions for families who were struggling with pests. He envisioned a pest control company that would provide highly technical, safe methods of control. Instead of a one-size-fits-all strategy, he wanted to give his customers individualized help using the latest and safest in pest management innovation. Families would no longer have to worry about the safety of their children and pets with more environmentally friendly products. He was inspired to provide well-planned, detailed service to his customers so that they could get to the root of their problems quickly and find solutions right from the start.

As customers began to see the difference in service quality and efficiency provided by INC Pest Control, they quickly became the leading provider for pest solutions in the United States. Because of the trust INC Pest Control has built up with their long standing customers, they have been successful in helping countless families and businesses throughout the years. INC Pest Control is now the top choice for customers who are looking for fast solutions, professional advice, and environmentally friendly products so that they can feel confident that they’re doing the right thing for their families and neighborhoods.


Providing service to all types of facilities – INC Pest Control is dedicated to providing fast, effective pest control for residential and commercial properties. With the safe, skilled use of their products, INC Pest Control is available to take care of both indoor and outdoor facilities.

Individualized pest control services- As a company that stands behind their reputation as the leading pest control provider in the nation, their promise is to deliver high quality advisement and services. Each licensed technician will provide an in-depth consultation for your individual pest issue. They will then deliver detailed, effective recommendations and services so that your problem gets solved in a quick, straightforward manner.

Quick response time – They have a large fleet of vehicles and licensed technicians standing ready so that they can get to you as soon as the problem strikes. INC Pest Control is a company that stands behind their reputation for fast response times and quick solutions.

Eco-friendly products – As a company, they stay abreast of the latest innovations in eco-friendly pest management. All of their products contain the most environmentally friendly ingredients on the market so that you don’t have to worry about your family or your pets. You can rest easy knowing that their technicians have your family’s safety in mind.


All of the technicians at INC Pest Control are professionally trained and licensed in the most up-to-date solutions for pest management. Regular, comprehensive training provides them with a strong understanding of local pest issues, as well as valuable experience handling infestations in a quick and effective manner. This enables them to deploy the correct plan of action for each problem, no matter how difficult.

As every infestation is unique, the company’s knowledgeable technicians are able to provide you with service that fits your individual needs. They have a proven track record of successful pest solutions and they have long lasting relationships with many of their clients. Rather than spending your own valuable time battling pests, experienced technicians at INC Pest Control can quickly find the right solution for you.

They guarantee professional service at an affordable price. Contact them today for a quote, and say goodbye to your pest problems for good!

Mission Statement

INC Pest Control strives to support and maintain a staff of highly skilled, professional technicians. Their aim is to provide environmentally friendly, individualized pest control planning and treatment for indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial facilities.


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